A '62 Mini-at-the-Mountain
... America's Mountain
in Colorado Springs
Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2019

The Reunion Schedule to the right lists scheduled events as well as blocks of time for each of the various ‘free-time’ activities. Those in red are covered in the Registration Fee charged to each attendee. The fee covers the indicated sightseeing and the two evening events (plus a modest amount to cover the committee’s admin expenses for the Reunion as a whole). This fee is included for info on the response form accessible using the Button at the FEEDBACK tab.

Alternatives for various activities, things to do at the Resort itself or thru the BroA dmoor concierge, going to the Army~AF football game or an alternative, or still other events are also listed for your consideration using the FEEDBACK tab.

The idea here is for Mini attendees (to include spouses and widows) to indicate their druthers given a rough idea of the costs involved. We will use the selection data to arrange the events, transportation to and from them if necessary, and any other associated expenses. Late next Spring, you will be asked to make final choices knowing final costs… and pay the tab. There’s always a catch!

Reunion Schedule

o  Thursday, 31 Oct 19
    •  Arrive and Check In
    •  Evening Reception - Cocktails, Heavy
      Hors d’oeuvres

o  Friday, 1 Nov 19
    •  AM - Tour the Air Force Academy or
    •  Free Time: See GROUP and DO-IT-
      YOURSELF Activities Tabs (above)
    •  PM - Visit Seven Falls or
    •  Free Time
    •  Evening Class Dinner - Entertainment

o  Saturday, 2 Nov 19
    •  Free Time: Tailgate and Game at Falcon
      Stadium, or watch at the Golden Bee at
      the BroAdmoor, or some other Free Time
    •  Dine with mates at a restaurant of your
      choice. Try the Golden Bee or many other
      fine dining venues in the Resort or nearby.

o  Sunday, 3 Nov 19
    •  Bid Farewell to classmates
    •  Depart for Home