A '62 Mini-at-the-Mountain
... America's Mountain
in Colorado Springs
Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2019
The Reunion Schedule to the right lists scheduled events as well as blocks of time for each of the various 'free time' activities. Those in red are covered in the $400 Registration Fee charged to each attendee. The fee covers the two evening and a few other events plus a modest amount to defray the committee's admin expenses for the Reunion as a whole.

This fee will be included for payment in the invoice you will produce and, we recommend, print as you register. Also included on this bill are necessary payments for the Tailgate and Army/AF football game which require early pre-payment for the events and transportation.

Finally, the registration form also asks that you indicate your commitment to various other activities. We need to provide this info to the BroAdmoor for their planning purposes.

Please pay close attention to this form as it will serve as your enrollment in the Mini. And, of course, prompt payment on the invoice will be much appreciated. The form and payment together constitute 'registration'.
Reunion Schedule

Friday Tour Choices
AM: BroAdmoor Art, Seven Falls and USAFA.
PM: BroAdmoor Art and Seven Falls
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