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A '62 Mini-at-the-Mountain
... America's Mountain
in Colorado Springs
Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2019
(If desired, print this and the following Registration
website page for ready reference before
going to the Registration Forms)

Registration Checklist:

First: the Hotel
If you plan to stay at the

Call BroAdmoor Reservations: (855) 634-7711 using our Mini reservation code - WPC1962- for the reduced rate. Reserve desired, for up to 2 days on either end of the reunion (or both for a full week), all at the reduced daily rate. (Don't forget to mention your ADA needs if they apply.)

For those of you bringing guests who will not be attending the reunion, please be aware we have only a limited number of reduced rate rooms available. Therefore rooms for such guests should not be booked at the reduced '62 Mini rate initially. Rather, they should be booked at the rack rate available to the public. If there are any of the '62 block of rooms not reserved by classmates or widows by Sept 1st, they will be allocated to those non-attending guests on the basis of ''first-registered, first-served'' until the rooms are all allocated. So reserve yours early!
If you plan to stay elsewhere:
Make your arrangements early. When you sign up for activities on the next page, let us know where you plan to stay on the remarks section of the Registration Form so we know where you'll be.
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