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A '62 Mini-at-the-Mountain
... America's Mountain
in Colorado Springs
Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2019
Time's Up . . .
The Web-Based Sign-Up
Window is Closed

If you still want to come,
call Committee Registrar,
Russ Broshous, at (719) 660-4895,
for choices and payments due.

But Please Note:
1.  By contract, any of our reduced-rate
     rooms still unreserved by September 20
     must be turned back to the hotel for
     reservations by the general public at
     the rack rate.

     If you call the hotel at (855) 634-7711
     before that date, you can get one of
     the few remaining rooms at our Mini rate
     if any are still left at the time you call.
     If you call after that date, or if all
     Reunion rooms have been taken by the
     time you call, you will have to pay the
     rack rate at the BroAdmoor or go to one
     of the other lower-priced hotels nearby.

2.  You can most likely still get Army~AF
     football tickets via the web at Air Force
     Football Tickets/gametime; but no guaran-
     tees you'll be seated in our Mini Reunion

3.  We're not trying to dissuade you, and
     we will most certainly welcome you (and
     yours ?) You may even get a medal for